Specializing in treatment of opioid dependence, psychotherapy, and psychopharmacology.
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Office of Antonio M. Bird, MD

My office provides thorough psychiatric evaluation and personalized treatment of psychiatric conditions including addiction, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and ADHD.


I have been providing buprenorphine (Suboxone) assisted treatment of opioid dependence since 2005, and have developed a comprehensive program which includes group therapy, and treatment of co-occuring psychiatric conditions with individual therapy and medication as indicated. I also provide Naltrexone XR assisted treatment of alcohol and opioid dependence when appropriate.

During my residency and fellowship training, I developed skills in psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral and motivational enhancement therapy. In recent years I have completed all three levels of training of the Internal Family Systems model of psychotherapy.  I have found this modality to be particularly direct and effective in understanding and resolving burdensome feelings, behaviors and beliefs.

My approach to psychopharmacology is careful and collaborative.  I work with patients to develop medication regimens which are effective, streamlined, and as free of adverse side effects as possible.